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Our complementary skills and collaborative ways of working with our clients allow us to explore all forms of communication ideas ā€“ bringing brand purpose to life.

Our approach

Abandon assumptions

We enjoy doing our research ā€“ a little bit of digging never hurt anyone. We discuss and encourage opposite views ā€“ discovering the real truth. We get under the skin of an issue by following our nose, we develop conversations and uncover the true storyteller.

Discover the simple human truth

Only by finding out what excites, annoys, or disturbs your audience can we then define your brand, creative channel, or campaign. We want to attract the right attention to the right place for the best results.

Create positive disruption

We want your brand to be seen and to be recognized; we want to see attitudes shift and beliefs change. We create positive disruption, but to the right level. We do this by working with you and by understanding your requirements. Together, we are The Team.

Leadership Team


Kevin MacKenzie

Iā€™m driven by delivering creative thinking, ideas and results for our clients businesses and brands.

Sally Tarbit - DIRECTOR

Sally Tarbit

My expertise is developing brilliantly effective brand campaigns that get results for our clients.

Cliff Ettridge - DIRECTOR

Cliff Ettridge

My focus is on people inside organisations. I help clients deliver communications that bring business strategy to life.

Dave Recchia - Executive Creative Director

Dave Recchia

I thrive on bringing brilliant, multi-disciplinary and insightful ideas to life for our clients.

Elena Mosley - Programme Director

Elena Mosley

My focus is to help drive the successful delivery of every project bringing brilliant and passionate teams together to make things happen.

Peter McCreary - Head of Content

Peter McCreary

I help to deliver targeted communication, strategic advice and tactical day-to-day content to internal and external audiences via digital and print channels.

Steve Waker - Creative Services Director

Steve Waker

I encourage and enable an air of enthusiasm and togetherness, helping us to deliver key creative solutions.

James Dix - Commercial Director

James Dix

I ensure that the way we work together is effective and sustainable for the long-term benefit of all involved.

Dan Dufour - Brand Strategist

Dan Dufour

My focus is on delivering the brand strategy and purpose at the heart of your business. Aligning the dynamics of your brand, inside and out.