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Focusing content to deliver a value exchange

Avanade, a merger of Microsoft and Accenture, provide consulting and technology solutions for business. Their content generation was prolific, but fragmented, inconsistent and missing the opportunity to drive effective brand awareness, especially in social channels.

Avanade had grown to 30,000 employees globally since the year 2000, but realised that its positioning in the marketplace had fallen behind in its ambitious vision to be the leading digital innovator.

The logo

Content had to move a prospect along the purchase journey. So it was essential that all content centred on a clear brand value proposition, effective across the multiple touch-points relevant to the customer personas.

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Waves of transformation

We first defined the role of content, a key driver being to deliver a customer value exchange allowing a higher and more effective level of data capture. This was followed by an audit with suggestions for how to consolidate, re-purpose and optimise content.

The Team partnered with us to design the new brand identity and help us define a new brand positioning to pursue in the marketplace. It was their Team Lab sprint processes that enabled us to tell a compelling story and build a robust case for change. They were insightful partners and very much on our side as we sought to bring other people with us on the journey.

Stella GouletChief Marketing Officer, Avanade

Visual identity

Measurable objectives were set and a framework developed for how to express a clear brand value proposition through all content, to more clearly define and manage the customer experience in branded digital content environments.


Finally, a channel plan was developed to identify the relevant channels based on personas and conversion objectives and finally, content concepts were built from the strategy and bought to life across our proposed channel structure.

Behind the scenes

Some of our work