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Global charities need to refresh their brands and tell stories more effectively.

It’s very important to The Team to provide an organization with clear ways to communicate their message and provide its supporters with strong reasons to invest. Working together with the Mona Foundation, we’ve given them the building blocks to do exactly that.

The most effective way to reduce global poverty is to educate girls.

Educating boys alone won’t change the world

The Mona Foundation funds worldwide educational initiatives that provide women and girls with increased opportunities.

Mona Foundation Conference
Mona Foundation Logo

A simple idea

The graphic use of building blocks represents learning in its most basic form.

Mona Foundation Annual report
Mona Foundation logo variations

Driving support

We created a platform that provides supporters with strong reasons to invest and simple ways in doing just that.

Mona Foundation website

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The charity exists to support community-led initiatives and eliminate global poverty. No child should go hungry or die of preventable disease. Education is a right for all, not just one for the privileged.

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Mona Foundation represents local initiatives that are built through the sustained labour and blood and tears of hundreds of committed people intent on improving the lives of their communities.  We are their ‘voice’ here, and as such we have an obligation to deliver their message of hope and service with integrity. Our new brand allows us to tell their stories more clearly and effectively.

Mahnaz Aflatooni Javid President of the Mona Foundation

Behind the scenes

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Mona Foundation

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